Light Switch Cover, Wall Organizer & Storage Solution in One

Walhub is a clever home storage solution to help you get organized. It's a functional modern light switch cover with integrated wall hooks and mail storage that helps you keep track of often misplaced items like keys and mail. Walhub also functions as an entry way storage solution for products like umbrellas, scarves and jackets. Walhub is an organizing switch cover that replaces your existing switch plate. It's the easiest DIY wall storage system to install. The Walhub wall organizer can be installed in a left or right configuration and only requires 2 minutes and a screw driver.

Why Walhub Works For You |

  • Custom Storage Positions | Walhub storage system can be positioned to the left OR right of your light switch. Parts easily snap in and out to modify orientation. See HERE >
  • Easiest Wall Installation | DIY install, no drilling new holes in your wall, simply replace your existing switch plate with Walhub; all you need is a screwdriver and 2 minutes. See HERE >
  • Made in the USA | Walhub is designed by Upwell Design in San Francisco, California and made by Upwell Products in Washington. Premium UL approved plastic and thoughtful design equal a high quality, affordable storage solution.
  • Works with all Your Switches | Walhub works with ALL standard Toggle or Rocker (Decora) switches. See some of our light switch examples here
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What People are Saying |

"I purchased a few of these, the Walhub should
be in everyone's home. You always know where
your keys are hanging." by Leonard


" I love this idea, and the fact that each plate
is switchable makes it even more remarkable." by Karen


Left or Right Configuration |

All Walhub wall organizers can be configured to the left or right of the light switch by simply snapping out parts, placing Walhub in your ideal position and snapping parts back in. Each switch plate organizer is customizable for your wall scenario.